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Tetrix Game Gold is a classic Tetris-like game with music and skins
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Armenian Dictionary Software

Tetris Gold Game is another edition of the classic Tetris game, developed by Armenian Dictionary Software Inc. There is no much to say about the game, which respects the rules of the original game. For those who don’t know Tetris let’s just say that it’s like a puzzle game in which you have to make the pieces fit the better you can as the fall down from top. What you can do is move the piece sideways with the left and right arrow keys, rotate the pieces according to the current spots you find with the up arrow key, and you can accelerate the falling by pressing the down arrow key.
The whole idea of the game is to reach the number of lines cleared per level, which you can achieve by perfectly matching the pieces filling a horizontal line completely. The only way you can lose is if you pile up too many pieces without clearing any lines (because of a bad matching).

Back to Tetris Gold Game we can say that it has a couple of extra features. You can change the background music, the music volume, the game skin, and the blocks (pieces) style, from the Options screen. On the other hand, we must say that the graphics and sound quality is pretty poor.
Regarding system requirements, you don’t need to have a too powerful system to run this game. Let’s take a look to the list:

• Pentium compatible CPU
• 64 MB RAM or more
• 6 MB free space or more for the software's installation and running
• Mouse and Keyboard
• Sound Card (recommended)

Tetris Gold Game is designed to run on Windows based systems only. It runs almost in every version of Windows though (32 bits versions only). Check the list below:

• Microsoft Windows 2000
• Microsoft Windows XP
• Microsoft Windows 2003
• Microsoft Windows Media Center 2005
• Microsoft Windows Vista

You can try this tool for free for a limited period of time, 60 minutes to be precise. Anyways, it is sufficient to get a feel about the game and decide whether or not buying it. If you decide to purchase Tetris Gold Game you can do it online using a credit card, and it will only cost you $ 9.95!

Lionel Mira
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Review summary


  • It respects the rules of the original game
  • It offers a couple of extra features
  • There is a trial available
  • Very affordable price


  • Poor sound quality
  • Poor graphics quality
  • It's only available in English
  • Very limited time for trial
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